Screen Printing T-Shirts: Can A Flash Unit Cure Plastisol Inks?

First off I have to say I didn’t get my shirts in time to print any for the show this year. I’ll have to rely on what RANAR has since I will have a Catspit screen set up on press in the RANAR booth at NBM Long Beach this week. I was going t…o have preprinted shirts to hand out but personal family issues and workloads prevented me from completing that task. So you’ll all have to settle for buttons, stickers and pens. But you could get a chance to print your own Catspit tee with me and take it home 😉 Anyway, here is another commonly asked question about screen printing tee shirts and equipment. Find out what I have to say about it.

This is another very cool educational video about screen printing tee shirts by Catspit Productions, LLC. Here I discuss and look into a very common question people ask about screenprinting especially when staring out. When working with plastisol textile inks you need to cure the ink with heat. The ink needs to reach about 330 degrees F for up to a minute depending on the printed ink volume. In this tutorial video we look at the factors that may affect your flash cure and why using it for commercial production may not be the best idea. This video should show you some of the many reasons we suggest a belt dryer for commercial production. So come along on yet another fantastic voyage into the wonderful world of textile screen printing. We are sure you’ll enjoy this entertaining and informative instructional video.

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