Screen Printing Paper Graffiti Stickers And Tee Shirts By SIVE

Check this out! This is my first official YouTube video collaboration. I worked with a graffiti artist to make a screen printing and graffiti drawing collaboration video. In this video we take a hand drawn graffiti design and screen print paper stickers as well as tee shirts. I think this video is a lot of fun and it was a blast to make. Make sure to check out IISIVEII on YouTube. His links are in the video description on YouTube.

This video is called, “Screen Printing Paper Graffiti Stickers And Tee Shirts By SIVE.” This is my first official collaboration video with another YouTube Partner and channel of similar popularity. I have been approached many times in the past to do collaborations but most people flake out on me. One time a very popular cartoon drawing channel was going to do a collaboration video with me but YouTube picked him up and he blew me off…. LOL 😦 Other times I approached channels that were more popular than mine and they never respond. YouTube can be a vicious place but there are great communities there. One such more friendly community is the graffiti art niche. I’m from NYC so I know my graffiti pretty well even though I do not draw graffiti art. I really enjoy seeing it done and graffiti art can be very powerful often crossing over into stenciling and stencil art. As I perused YouTube’s collection of graffiti artwork I found a guy named IISIVEII who has a popular channel for graffiti art, stickers, black books, trades and more. In this video we work together to make some very custom paper stickers and tee shirts with a piece of IISIVEII artwork. You’ll get to see the drawing, the printing and the hand coloring. This is a very fun video and there are some freebies to be had on this one as well in the future. Check it out and get all the details on how you can win some of the goodies we made for this video.


IISIVEII Products –

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