Heavy Metal Music Screenprinting Guitar Riff by Taylor Wright

As promised a very special YouTube video for you all today. Meet Taylor William Wright. He remade our Catspit intro music. I stumbled upon him when he added me as a contact so I check out his YouTube channel and discovered he was a very good undiscovered guitar talent. His channel was also small enough that I figured if I asked him to produce a score for me that he actually would respond and help out…. LOL. You know how these giant YouTube channels can be amazingly silent other than uploads. In other words I wouldn’t have approached a guitarist on YouTube with 500,000 subscribers because most likely I never would get a response 😉 Anyway if you want the full scoop on this video then read the video description or stay tuned for Monday’s video.

This video is called, “Heavy Metal Music Screenprinting Guitar Riff by Taylor Wright.” It’s been a long time since Catspit Productions uploaded its first screen printing educational video to YouTube. In fact last February 20th marked the 4 year anniversary to the day. On February 20th 2009 the first Catspit video was uploaded to YouTube. I figured it was time to give the videos a makeover and redesign the intro and outro video clips. The current intro features a very simple, rough yet hardcore guitar rhythm by Jonathan. He actually performs it for the intro clip recording. But Jonathan is no professional guitarist and it was time to remedy that. So welcome Taylor Wright. He was kind enough to produce a new musical clip based on the old one. He was instructed to create a new intro audio clip that was reminiscent of the original score by Jonathan. We’ll here is the video he made for us explaining what he came up with and telling us a little about his creative process. In this video you’ll get to hear the new musical clip before it appears in any new Catspit videos. In fact the video portion of this project won’t be complete for another week or so.

Taylor William Wright






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