ISS Screenprinting Trade Show: New Scoop Coater & Chemical Brushes

This is a new ISS 2013 trade show video from the MacDermid Autotype booth. In this video we learn about their cool specially designed scoop coater as well as their brush and bucket chemical system for screen making. The trade show videos are a lot of fun to make and they allow me some time to regroup and prepare for new screen printing videos produced in shop. That 1 color halftone video everyone is asking for is on deck. As soon as we finish up the artwork I’ll begin shooting video. This is the first video for which I created a print job to film. The topic matter is relevant so I suppose I had a creative drive to do this one 😉 Stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to the Catspit YouTube channel so you don’t miss that awesome video!

This killer screenprinting video is called, “ISS Screenprinting Trade Show: New Scoop Coater & Chemical Brushes.” This is another educational screen printing video from ISS Long Beach 2013. The trade shows are a lot of fun to visit and often times you get to see very cool new products and services that can help you grow your screenprinting business. In this short tutorial video we take a quick look at the MacDermid Autotype booth. As many of you know MacDermid Autotype is a sponsor of the educational program from Catspit Productions, LLC. In this video we are proud to share with you 2 very cool new products from MacDermid. You’ll get to see their specially designed scoop coater and their chemical brush system. Eventually we hope to do feature videos on these products and perhaps do a giveaway with them as well. The scoop coater is an extra deep coater with an extended trough for the emulsion. With this unit you can coat at least a dozen screens before you’ll have to reload with emulsion. The bucket and brush chemical system is an awesome product designed for use in the washout booth. These are a series of color coded buckets and brushes for your screen making chemicals. Emulsion remover, ink wash, haze removers and mesh prep my all be stored in these buckets with the funnel lids. Then the brushes and buckets are easily utilized in the washout booth for screen making purposes.

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