Haunted Halloween Screen Printing Shop: Too Scary For Kids!

Happy Halloween everyone! As many of you may well know this is my favorite time of the holiday season. The first All Hallows Eve video I did explained my love of the holiday with all of its imagery, sounds, icons and movies. So this year I have been very busy in the shop and online. It seems everyone is trying to get a piece of the traffic I have created for Catspit…. uuughh. It would astound you if you knew the things people do to me online wasting my time and theirs. Anyway I almost didn’t get to make a Halloween video this year and I am currently working on a video sponsored by Screen Printing Superstore which will be a decent giveaway offer. They have donated a startup kit for me to give away to one of our YouTube viewers. So stay tuned for that video later this week. For now you can enjoy my holiday follies as I ready myself for the deluge of candy hungry children who will prowl the streets like sugar zombies.

The new holiday video is called, “Haunted Halloween Screen Printing Shop: Too Scary For Kids!” The “Too Scary For Kids” part is a joke of course. So this screen printing video is really about safety tips for Halloween decorations, parties and trick or treating. This is the video in which I share with you all my personal experiences with All Hallows Eve and how you can avoid the problems I have encountered over the years. But it is Halloween after all so do I get to actually tell you anything? Do ghosts and goblins take over the shop? Does the Grim Reaper come for a visit and talk to us? Does the shop get haunted prank phone calls and stalkers calling? Will you learn about ghosts, ghouls, trolls, monsters, vampires, and werewolves? You just might do some ghost hunting in this tutorial video about screenprinting with Jonathan. Or it might just be an ordinary advice and tips video about Halloween safety. You’ll have to watch it to find out.

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