The Catspit Screen Printing Trade Show Tour 2012

Here are 2 videos I mad while on the Catspit Trade Show Tour 2012… LOL. Ten days on the road and two trade shows. First it was ISS in Las Vegas for 3 days plus travel. Then it was on to NBM long Beach for 5 days plus travel because I always teach a class when I work the shows with RANAR in Long Beach. We host very informal, personal and very hands on training classes at RANAR in El Segundo. This is the type of class you really get to see what it will be like to screen print tee shirts on any commercial production level manually.

Here are the two videos from the show that I am post blogging here. The first one is a behind the scenes video of what it takes for me to do shows. It’s an intimate look at what I have to do to make show videos for you all 🙂

The second is a very candid video of me interacting with a Catspit YouTube viewer who prints his own tee shirt to take home for free.

I hope you all enjoy these videos as they are very candid and personal. I’m having a lot of fun making them for you so please help support me on YouTube by commenting, rating thumbs up and subscribing. Learn how to screens print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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