How To Screen Print: Tee Shirt Sleeve Printing Tips

As many of you may know I have been very busy with screen printing jobs but I had a job in house that allowed me to do an excellent tutorial video on sleeve printing tips. I brought in a decent amount of print work in the shop to compensate for the dip in earnings online due to the recent anchor vendor change. I have to say printing tee shirts is like printing money sometimes. That is not to say I am ripping off my customers at all. LOL…. Rather when a job is priced fairly and well planned it can be easy to produce a high quality product from which you earn a decent living for the amount of labor put into the print work. Many customers don’t realize the amount or prep work and consideration it takes to plan a print job well. Anyway on to the new video….

In the latest educational screen printing video by Catspit Productions, LLC called, “How To Screen Print: Tee Shirt Sleeve Printing Tips” we take a look at some tips and advice from Jonathan about how to set up for screen printing sleeves on a manual rotary screenprinting press for textiles. In the video you’ll get to see the 2 different methods of how to load a sleeve print onto the pallet and how this can affect the way you print or what precautions to consider. Get Jonathans personal tips on how he loads most of his sleeve printing jobs any why. This is one of those videos you’ll need to pay attention to what Jonathan is saying so grab a hot cocoa and sit down in learning mode and get the most out of these professional screen printing tips for printing tee shirts. See the differences i now you burn the screen for the 2 different loading techniques and how one method can be dangerous for very light colored T shirts.

Thanks again for your continued support as we change gears and move forward with a new anchor vendor. Make sure to check out Screen Printing Superstore and their 5% discount offer using the Catspit promo code. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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