How To Screen Print: 1 Color Catspit Promotional Tee Shirt Printing

I have been getting a lot of requests for Catspit tee shirts as many of you know I give some away to my YouTube subscribers now and then. It’s been very hot here this past June. And July is a bit humid right now on top of that. I ended up printing these during the day when it was very hot. But I figured it would be an easy video to make that would be a lot of fun to watch for you all. And it’s a great demonstration of printing a 1 color design on a rotary screen printing press with a belt dryer.

This educational screen printing video is called, “How To Screen Print: 1 Color Catspit Promotional Tee Shirt Printing.”  You get to see me at work printing some freebees. I had some shirts left over from the days when I sold some tees on EBay that I now use for promotional giveaways. I decided to print the Catspit Secret Society logo on the back since I send these all over the world for free. I figured I deserved a little branding for the freebees. You can watch me print a couple of dozen shirts in fast motion but not so fast that you can’t see what’s going on. I printed these during the day which is very hot here this time of year so you see how sweaty I get by the time the print run is complete. You tend to get hot and bothered when your under wear gets as wet from sweat as if you were just in the pool. So at the end I throw my shirt off in disgust for the heat 😦

Sweat it out with Catspit Productions and learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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2 Responses to How To Screen Print: 1 Color Catspit Promotional Tee Shirt Printing

  1. So Fetch says:

    I Want to build a washout booth Mr. Catspit. I think I’ll Make a video how to do it.
    Do you have any Suggestions, I think you have seen my Video’s?
    Im Honored because I think your skills are great and I always love your information.
    I will agree that it does get hot when printing, It also gets hot when you have beautiful girls filming:) Thank you for everything that you do, I can honestly say that I have learned so much from you that I feel quite confidant now a days.

    • Hey there Fetch, nice YouTube channel. I have seen your videos and I like your style. Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate that. I’m happy to know you enjoy my videos. Make sure to check out the website too. There’s a lot more free info there. Yeah it would get a lot hotter with some babes in bikinis helping me out in the shop here in Phoenix 🙂

      If I had to build a washout booth myself because I have no real carpentry skills or metal working abilities I would buy a cheap shower stall/tub fixture from home Depot or whatever and build a stand for it to raise it to waist level. Then you can attach the drain to the tub drain and you can even cut a square hole in the back wall if it is flat and screw in some white Plexiglas which you seal with silicone. Then put a fluorescent light fixture behind that Plexiglas and there you go, you have a washout booth with 3 high sides and a basin with drain and backlight. You may also have to build something to hold the screen in the tub like a ridged rack or cross beams so the screen is at the level of the backlit Plexiglas. Savvy?

      You’re welcome and I am glad I could be of assistance through my videos. It’s great you have learned from my efforts on YouTube. That means a lot to me and makes it worthwhile. Thanks for the support!

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