Screen Printing Polyester Shirts: Tips On Controlling Dye Migration

So this is a late upload for a Monday on YouTube but I figured I would do it anyway so we could do some more later this week. I’ve been busy as usual so I think the late in the day uploads may become more common but I prefer early morning. It gives the video the full day to sink in a bit before things get quiet in the States. But this one is a Quick Tips video about printing on polyester. It’s like a video version of an article I have on the Catspit website. I thought it may be a good idea to make some video versions of articles for those who don’t like to read that much. So I may do more like it in the future where the video connects to an actual article on the site. And that way if you want to read the article too you get the full picture.

This tutorial screen printing video is called, “Screen Printing Polyester Shirts: Tips On Controlling Dye Migration.” It’s about working with polyester garments and the challenge of dye migration. Since polyester fabrics are dyed through a sublimation process they can cause problems when heated to cure plastisol inks. The darker dyes like red, maroon, navy, black, orange, brown and so on can easily sublimate into the ink layer during curing especially if the ink is white. So we as screen printers often encounter the problem called dye migration, bleeding or sublimation. This educational screenprinting video is all about how to prevent that and what causes it. It’s a supplemental resource for you that compliments an article on the Catspit website. If you want to learn more about dye migration, the technicalities of it and how to prevent it then check out this article: Dye Migration: Screen Printing Polyesters & Poly Blends.

I hope you all enjoy this new screen printing video. Thanks for stopping by the blog and having a read. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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