ISS Screenprinting Show: RhinoTech Screen Washing System

So here is another teaser video for the RhinoTech videos being uploaded starting next week. This is another cool ISS show video from Long Beach, California 2012. I had a great time at the show spending time with all of the vendors I work with on the Print Supplies page of the Catspit website. And as you may know form following me on Twitter and Facebook that we are giving away some of the RhinoClean Green products featured in the videos. In fact I plan on giving out 6 sample packs in total. And they will be free of charge delivered to your door…. if you are the chosen one.

The chosen one for each of the six videos that is. That’s right, I will choose 1 person from all of the people who leave a comment from each of the 6 RhinoTech screen printing videos featuring the RhinoClean Green environmentally safe and user friendly screen making chemicals press wash and ink wash. All you have to do is leave a comment on any or all of the 6 RhinoClean product videos to get a chance at winning. The choices will be random but leaving a memorable and noteworthy comment wouldn’t hurt. So take a few minutes to watch these videos to learn how you can help preserve the environment and even be safe with septic systems that have leach fields. These green products work very well and are great for nature conservation. They are California compliant so they should be good to go in most States. But remember to check with local laws and regulations if you have nay doubts.

The videos will upload on the following dates barring technical difficulties and natural disasters:

February 6th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 15th and the 17th.

Leave a comment on each of these videos to be eligible for a chance to win the sample kit of RhinoTech’s Green chemicals for screenprinting. You can learn more about the products here:

Thanks for stopping by the blog and reading about my educational screen printing endeavors. I appreciate your time and support! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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