New Screen Printing Articles Added to The Catspit Website!

I finally had some time over the past few months to add two new screen printing articles to the website. I have been so busy I was unable to write any articles for the website in some time. Granted these new articles are pretty simple but I think they were a welcome and needed addition to the screen printing Article Archive. I have found that even the simplest and most basic information when presented correctly can be useful over an over again. And presenting it in certain ways can help people who may have difficulty understanding basic concepts. I know when it comes to math I like my tutorial information to be organized and presented in an easy to understand fashion.

You can find the new articles on the Article Archive page of the Catspit website. The first one is called, “Guide To Choosing And Caring For Your Squeegees.” Its an article about how to go about choosing your squeegee for your particular screenprinting job and how to care for them once you have them. This is probably one of the most overlooked factors in setting up to screen print for beginners. This will help you understand the importance of squeegee choice. The second article is called, “How To Mix Screen Printing Inks By Weight And Volume.” Here you can get a basic rundown of how to mix inks for color or for when you need to add additives for performance. In it you learn about basic units of measurements used and how the mixing ratios are presented in text. It explains how to mix inks by parts, percentages and weight. Again some very basic information but when I first started mixing inks I would have loved to have access to an article like this. Well, the entire Catspit website would have been helpful to me when I started printing for sure.  

I hope you all enjoy these new screen printing articles on the Catspit website. I hope to continue adding new articles, videos and information for you all to learn from. You can help me do this by using the Catspit promo codes on the Print Supplies page when you buy screenprinting products. Make sure to stop by and have a look at the offers from some screen print suppliers you already know:

You can buy my very own inkjet film there too! Thanks for stopping by the blog and having a read. I appreciate all your continued support! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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