Screen Printing: 2 Colors With Artwork & Press Set Up

Have you seen this weeks first of two new screen printing tutorial videos? Today I was able to upload a new video in which I made a sincere attempt to add to the entertainment value. I am trying to spend more time with each video and do a little with the editing and video cuts. In this new video I actually was experimenting with a new microphone but as it turns out the Dolby recording microphone built into the camera is much, much better. But unfortunately I did not realize this until it was too late. And being as though this was an actual print job I was unable to take the time to re shoot the parts I would have if I didn’t have other work to do. But in the end this video came out great and offers a lot to viewers. The new screenprinting video uploaded to YouTube today is called, “Screen Printing: 2 Colors With Art & Press Set Up.” This video is one of the more complex videos I have done. It includes several cuts including artwork, setting up on press and printing the test print. Here I show you how I made some really cool and original art work all with clip art. I took like 5 or 6 different pieces of clip art and created this design that I show you in Illustrator. I show you how I set it up in layers to help with film output and then we go to press. There you will see the actual set up and the first test print for this real print job. I am very proud of the way this video came out with the exception of the minor audio issues. I had a lot of fun making and editing this one. Maybe more than usual. This video represents me making good on past promises of improving production value and quality. Wait until you see the next video, and the one after that!

So make sure to stop by the YouTube channel today and watch all of the latest screen printing videos. If you have not been by in a spell, I think you will be pleased. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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