Automatic Textile Screen Printing

That’s right; Catspit Productions specializes in manual screen printing but also has automatic printing capabilities. In the latest educational screen printing video I show you two clips from two different automatic screen printing print jobs. I thought you all would enjoy seeing the automatic side of screen printing here at Catspit Productions. This is a very short upload to YouTube but it’s an entertaining 4 minutes.

In the video called “Automatic Textile Screen Printing” you will get to see an M&R Diamondback in operation. Now I did have the machine running slow due to the fact that I was all alone and had to watch every aspect of the print job myself. But none the less you get a pretty good idea of what it looks like when these giant automatic tee shirt presses are in action with actual shirts rather than show demos. When you want to run these larger screenprinting presses at full capacity, you really need 3 people to operate the press. The first and foremost important person is the printer. This is the person responsible for the print job and the person who will operate and set up the press. The second person is the press assistant or the off loader. He or she will unload the printed shirts and place them onto the belt dryer. This person will also be checking the print for quality. This can be a very demanding position as this person may also be responsible for applying spray tack and possibly watching the ink levels on the screens. The third person will actually be at the end of the belt dryer where he or she will catch the shirts and flat fold them according to dozens and sizes. This person will also serve as a print quality and ink curing check inspector.

In my experience we rely on the third person at the end of the dryer to make sure the shirt is printed well, the ink is fully cured and the shirts are not burning in the oven especially when dealing with whites. That person can call to stop the press at anytime for any reason. While the press operator and the un-loader may converse on the decision to stop production. In the end it takes the full cooperation of all three individuals to get an automatic press like the M&R Diamondback to run at full capacity. That’s why in my short automatic printing video the press is running slow. I was alone and had to perform all of these duties myself at the same time. It still beats printing 500 pieces manually!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and having a read! I appreciate that. Learn how to screen print with Catspit productions, LLC!

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