New Screen Printing Video: Affordable Equipment By RANAR

This week I posted the first video from my visit to the RANAR factory in El Segundo California. This was my first time at the factory meeting with everyone from the owners to the people who build the equipment everyday. By the way that is one of the great things I learned about RANAR; even the owners know the equipment inside and out. They help build them everyday. This is a very hands on company. I really am growing to love the nice relationship I have with them as I feel they are a perfect fit for the Catspit project.

So this new video was shot in beautiful El Segundo. I was at the factory in the morning making videos and talking with the owners. I learned many things that I am happy about. The video is called, “Affordable Screenprinting Equipment By RANAR”. The video shows the mini showroom they have with a few pieces of equipment. Here I get to show you the Elite series screen printing press. This is the step up from the Vista series. It is made a little different than the Vista in that the print head parts are a full cast which is heavy duty. I also get to show you an exposure unit with drying box. It’s a complete unit that stands alone. Cool stuff! There is also a forced air dryer that is great for discharge and water based printing. I thought this would be a cool video to start out with. Next week I think we will get a peek inside the factory as I feature a single color bench press.

Please stay tuned for the complete series of videos I made at the factory. I had such a great time there in California. I was even able to walk barefoot on Manhattan Beach. I made some video of that too. I might just make a cool ocean video to share with you all. I love the ocean very much and I can’t wait to get back to the area. Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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