RhinoTech Screenprinting Supplies & Equipment

I’m very happy to announce the addition of RhinoTech to the Catspit Productions Print Supplies page of the website. Most all of the vendors on the Print Supply page offer a 5% discount when you use the appropriate Catspit promo code. RhinoTech offers chemicals and equipment including RhinoClean™ Green² ™ products that work hard to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint with durable, biodegradable, and no-waste products. These include: mesh prep, screen wash/ink degradent, press wash, stencil remover, and hand cleaner.

RhinoTech also manufactures American built RhinoClean screen printing equipment which includes Solvent Recirculation, Screen Drying and Screen Stretching systems enabling space saving and economy. They also sell back-lit washout booths which offer a no splash-back system to afford efficient use of water resources.

And RhinoTech offers the revolutionary dry stencil system called RhinoScreen. Eliminate emulsion, film, chemicals, and the need for an exposure unit or a washout booth. This could be the single most important technological breakthrough for home based screen printers. This process also lends itself to professional and commercial applications where time and labor may be reduced on screen making. It’s a great way to offer a 1 color, 1 off process for that demanding customer who only wants one shirt too!

Make sure to visit the Catspit Productions Print Supply page to see all of the vendors listed and their discount offers. So far we have Saati, Integrity Print Supply, and now RhinoTech. You can also find screenprinting products from Amazon.com for the hobbyist and non commercial home printer.

Catspit Productions; your source for easy to read educational material about screen printing AND promo codes for discounts on screenprinting supplies and more!! Visit today! – http://catspitproductionsllc.com

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