New Screen Printing Video: Welcome To The New Shop

Finally the long awaited video featuring the new Catspit screen printing shop. It was tough there for a while to keep things alive while I searched for a new place to print jobs and make videos for the Catspit YouTube channel. I even had a difficult time learning how to render HD videos with the new Sony camera due to a glitch between Sony Vegas and Vista. At least that’s what I think it was…. anyway after having to completely reequip the shop and moving to a new, smaller location, I have reassembled the screenprinting shop.  I am ready to make new educational and tutorial screen printing videos.

The first of such uploaded early this morning or late yesterday which is what it was for me. It’s the first video over 10 minutes and it didn’t want to upload the first time. Even still I am experiencing a bug with my video settings on all of my videos it seems. This extra long video is transitional in that we start out in the old Catspit shop, or what’s left of it, and we introduce you to the new Catspit screen printing shop. The video is called, “4 Or 6 Color Upgradable Screen Printing Press”.  It’s named aptly because in the video we look at the old 6 color, 1 station press used in all of the past videos which is made by RANAR and we learn about its upgradability. Here you get to see the press as a 6/1 and then as a 6/6. And of course you get to see a nice shot of the new shop! Thanks to RANAR for helping out with all the details to equip the new shop.

So welcome to the new Catspit Productions screen printing shop. I appreciate your taking the time to visit my educational services about screenprinting online. I hope you all enjoy my latest efforts. Thanks for reading. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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