Screen Printing: Take Control of Your Stencil for Printing 4 Color Process With UV Ink

If you are looking for technical tips and instructions on getting an excellent stencil for screen printing with UV inks then you should have a look at this great article by Ross Balfour of SaatiPrint. This is an older article but it has a lot of information packed into it from one of the leading screenprinting chemical manufactures in the industry. This article is very technical but it also has a decent amount of information that is easily read and understood by anyone with good reading comprehension.

SaatiPrintCheck out this excerpt from the article: “The complexities of screenprinting four color process are further complicated when using UV cured ink, by extra demanding requirements in controlling ink deposit. It’s not enough to have to deal with the relationship of dots per inch with mesh count, or carefully selecting the angle of dots on each separation so you avoid not only mesh/dot moiré, but even dot to dot moiré between the overlaid colors. Now you also have to avoid the problems that can occur from printing halftones with an excessive ink deposit. Problems will occur when printing third and fourth colors if ink transfer from the screen to the substrate is severely affected by excessive ink deposit from the first two colors down. This is due to the high solids/low shrinkage characteristics of UV cured inks…. The basis of this presentation then is to outline the properties of mesh/stencil combinations which are most suitable, and identify the variables which need to be controlled in order to successfully print four color process with UV cured ink.”

The article is called, “Take Control of Your Stencil for Printing 4 Color Process With UV Ink”. The article is located HERE.

This is the second of five articles provided by SaatiPrint for the Catspit website. These articles appear on the Article Archive section of the Catspit website. These articles appear on the Catspit website courtesy of Saati and have been published previously. © SaatiPrint. Please make sure to visit the Print Supplies page to view the products offered by Saatchem.

I hope you all enjoy this new addition to the Catspit website. I hope to continue to work with Saati in the future to bring you more educational materials about screen printing tee shirts and other products. Please stay up to date with article releases and more by subscribing to the RSS feed of this blog.

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