New Screen Printing Video: Website Now Over 80 Pages

The last of the weekly videos up to December 20th was uploaded to YouTube today. That was over 1 month of weekly videos uploaded on Mondays. Just as I promised, I came through. It was a lot of fun to upload a video each week but it was also a lot of work.

This weeks’ video is a promotional video for the website. I know a lot of you know about it and use it regularly but there is a whole entire group in our audience that seems to be unaware of the website. Therefore, I am always trying to make people aware of the great screen printing information available on the website.

The video is called, “Learn How To Screenprint T Shirts Online”. The video is a basic introduction to the contents of the website. It’s hard to believe that the website started with about 5 pages and has grown into the 80 page plus website it is today. And it keeps growing as I find more information about screen printing. Make sure to stop by the YouTube channel and check it out today!

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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