New Screenprinting Video: Make Screens Without Film

What? Make your screen without film you say? Yes, it’s called direct to screen or computer to screen. This is a process by which the image that would normally be printed as a film positive is printed directly onto the emulsion coated screen. That’s right. Instead of printing inkjet film or laser vellum, we can just print the design right on the emulsion coated screen. Of course this unit is designed for a high volume screen printing shop which would be making a lot of screens on a daily basis.

This is a really cool machine that prints onto the screen. The video is called, “How To Screenprint: Make Screens Without Film”. In the video the manufacturer demonstrates how the machine works by printing a dummy screen. You will actually get to see the entire process in a new video about the same process with Saati. In that video we will not only print the screen but we will expose it and wash it out. Make sure to stay tuned in the coming New Year for that great video. It should be in high quality or maybe even genuine HD if I get that all figured out by then.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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