Latest Screen Printing Video Postponed

Just wanted to let you all know I am still here and quite well. I hurt my back this past weekend and it has put a damper on things around the shop. The video that was scheduled to post to YouTube today will now be uploaded later this week. I am finding it very difficult to move about and even sit at the computer.

Don’t even ask how this happened…LOL. It was very stupid and only gives away my age. I am definitely not in as good physical condition as I should be and maybe this will help me get out there and exercise a lot more. If I had been exercising, this probably wouldn’t have happened.

Remember the old Woody Wood Pecker cartoon where the narrator says, “If Woody had gone to the police, none of this would have ever happened”. Yea, well if Jonathan had gone to the gym, non of this would have ever happened! LOL.

Please stay tuned for the next screen printing video later this week!

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