Tee Shirt Art Contest Entry Deadline This Wednesday!

The deadline for the first ever Catspit Productions tee shirt art contest is approaching very quickly. Wednesday is the last day for entries into the contest. No entries will be accepted after 9 a.m. on July 1st.

Make sure to check out the video and contest rules for more information about the contest and how to enter. I appreciate every entry and I thank all who participate to make this contest a success. The outcome of this contest will determine whether or not I will do any more in the future.

Audience participation is very important. Rating and commenting on videos is greatly appreciated. Making comments in the Catspit Guestbook is also appreciated and lets me know how I am doing and who is interested in what. The discussion board on the Catspit Facebook page has been opened and I started a discussion for you to suggest ideas for future videos. Please feel free to stop by, become a fan and suggest some ideas for new screen printing videos for the Catspit Productions YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading!

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