Catspit Productions Screen Printing Newsletter #1

Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever Catspit Productions Screen Printing Newsletter #1,

First I want to thank all of you for your continued support and thanks for visiting the Catspit Productions website! I appreciate your taking the time to watch my YouTube videos and read the great screen printing articles on the website. Thank you all.

Website Updates:

If you haven’t visited the website in some time, please do so again. There have been many additions and updates since the launching of the website over 1 year ago. It went live with 5 pages and has over 50 pages today.

One of the newest sections is the Article Archive page where all the latest screen printing articles are being posted for easy access by title. Make sure to have a look at that:

Help spread the word about Catspit Productions; connect with us on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter! Embed one of these widgets on your website or social networking page:

New Website Sponsor:

Catspit Productions now has an official sponsor. You can learn more about this development by reading this blog entry:!185B454BE8D0048B!312.entry

Google Partnership:

You will notice some Google AdSense ads running on select pages of the Catspit website. Some YouTube videos have also been partnered and now display Google ads. To learn more about why this is happening, please read this blog entry:!185B454BE8D0048B!321.entry

Tee Shirt Art Contest:

Last but not least I wanted to make sure you all knew about the first Catspit Productions YouTube tee shirt art contest. You can win custom printed shirts, Speedball hinge clamps for printing and Catspit shirts. Make sure to watch this video and read the contest rules for more information about how to enter and win!

Contest Rules:!185B454BE8D0048B!318.entry

Thanks again to everyone for helping make the Catspit Productions internet project a success. I look forward to providing you with more great free information about screen printing in the future.

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