New Video Uploaded To YouTube & An Update

Hello everyone! I have been very busy with some larger print jobs the past two weeks and I have also had to do some spring cleaning around the shop. I finally broke down and bought a bunch of small tool and supplies that I have been needing to get for sometime now. I am glad I did now that it’s done. It’s nice to have everything you need to work right at your fingertips. It saves a lot of wasted time looking for things or substitutions if you don’t have what you need.

So there is a new video uploaded to YouTube. It was uploaded late last night and this one is an entertainment video about Arizona where Catspit Productions is located. The video features Papago Park right here in Phoenix. This was one of my favorite places to go when I went to college at Arizona State University. The park is actually cutting its summer hours this year due to the failing city budget. I believe Phoenix is actually using borrowed money for tax returns this year. That can’t be any good in the long run. Papago park will now close at 7 p.m rather than the usual 11 p.m. which many residents enjoyed.

Oh, yes and of course today while I was making screens the faucet that the hose is attached to broke and water went all over the place. So I had to turn into Joe plumber this afternoon and fix it all up. Everything is back to normal and the incident didn’t even disturb production that much.

I should have a new video about screen printing next week. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading!

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