More About Catspit Productions, LLC

The entire project first started on YouTube in January 2009. I love to teach so I began with “how to” videos and some shirts on Ebay to give my business a little exposure it otherwise would not enjoy. I quickly realized the need for further explanations of the screen printing process and I added the website to the agenda. The problem was I did not know how to write HTML or create a website in any way. So, I discovered a free service that allows me to build a website visually and I have about pushed it to the limits. Despite the limitations of the venue, the Catspit website is functional and full of free information about screenprinting. The website will continue to grow with more information being added regularly and I believe I will add some kind of forum or message thread page sometime as well. But eventually, if the traffic continues to grow as it is, the entire site will have to be rebuilt to accommodate the potential.

The website is the focus and center of all of the information I create about screen printing. It ties together video tutorials with articles and so much more. There is actually a lot to look at and do on the site. You can learn about printing tee shirts and you can find out more about Catspit Productions. There is even an Arizona page where you can see what it is like to live where I work. You can play western style poker too, free and very fun. The website is very personal to me. In many ways it is like a very advanced blog or social networking page to me. Every piece of information down to each character has been placed there by myself for my audience’s enjoyment.

I would love to get a sponsor for the site so I would have a great place to send my audience for supplies and equipment. But currently I do offer equipment sales. I focus more on equipment alone rather than all inclusive kits. The information on the website about equipment is really there for educational purposes but it is available for purchase as well. I used to get a lot of inquiries about the costs of equipment until I created that page. I also sell an inkjet film that is very good for home use. It works quite well without any RIP software. I made this available due to the amount of people who seem to be having trouble making decent film positives at home. So far the entire screen printing educational project has been nonprofit. I do not make a profit by doing what I am doing online; therefore the desire for a sponsor in the future.

I make most of my money from selling custom shirts here locally where I live. As a result, I don’t get to print for fun as much as I would like but I offer some very simple yet classic screen printed shirts on Ebay. Again, these are mostly for show and I do not sell a lot of them. But it is a great way to support Catspit Productions. You can get a very unique shirt and help keep the project alive. Another easy way to show your support is to visit the website often and look around. You can check for new articles, updates and visit YouTube to watch, rate or subscribe. The activity alone is very gratifying to me. I am always pleased to see that people are taking advantage of all of the hard work I have put into creating an online screenprinting resource. It can be a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading!

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