New Article Added To Website: Plastisol Specialty Inks

A new article has been added the the Article Archive page of the Catspit Productions website. This is a fun article that serves as an introduction to specialty inks used in screen printing for special effects. It begins to explain some of the different inks and effects that can be used to screen print tee shirts.

Flocking, foiling, glitter, puff & metallic inks are briefly discussed in order to educate beginners and intermediates about using specialty inks for effects. This article may help you determine whether or not you want to attempt to use any specialty inks in your printing endeavors. The article also contains a general, quick guide for mesh counts and ink usages.

The article is called, “Plastisol Specialty Inks: Foiling, Metallic, Glitters, Puff & More”. As I continue to write more articles for the website, I will go into further detail in every subject. For now, I am trying to write as many introductory articles as possible to help out those who have never screen printed before.

Thanks for visiting the website and reading the blog!

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