Using Vendors To Solve Problems

In the screen printing industry it is often the key to success to know where to look for information needed to solve production problems in the shop on a daily basis. Simply knowing where to look for answers is often enough. Sometimes the power of knowing where to find information is overlooked in our fast paced lifestyles. We want instant answers with immediate satisfaction. However, asking the right people and being patient has its rewards as well.

Now you may say that there isn’t any time for patience in the printing industry with deadlines and demanding customers but the key to that problem is trying not to take jobs that you are not prepared to do. In the event you do just that and find yourself with an on press problem needing an immediate solution, you may first turn to your quickest sources or answers. But don’t forget about one of the best sources for information about the products you are using in your production: the vendor.

Sometimes the easiest and best place to find answers for on press problems is the manufacturer of the products being used for production. For instance; if you are using a low bleed, high density white ink for dark garments and you are getting unsatisfactory results, it may be beneficial to call the ink manufacturer and ask for advice. They may suggest a number of possible fixes depending on your situation. Sometimes using the correct mesh for the ink and/or artwork can make or break you.

The point is that your vendor of supplies used in production has a large amount of technical information and tips regarding their products. And if they don’t, you may want to switch to a more reputable manufacturer. Remember, it is always wise to ask your vendor how to use their product when first purchasing it even though you may think you know how to use it.

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