Imprinted Sportswear Show: What is the ISS?

The ISS is a trade show for screen printers and other shirt decorators or embellishers. ISS stands for Imprinted Sportswear Show. This is a show that is regularly held in Long Beach, California every year. Some of the most well known names in the screen printing industry will be exhibiting there.

The Imprinted Sportswear Show is a great place to introduce yourself to the industry and get an idea of what screen printing is capable of as far as image reproduction. You can also get a very good idea of the costs of new equipment and the space requirements for it.

For more information directly from ISS, visit the website links above or you may send an email to: and contact General Customer Service at 1-800-933-8735.

If you have the means and the time to spare, I strongly recommend going to this show. You will not be disappointed and I promise you will learn a lot even as a beginner.

If you live in the area or you plan on going to the show this year, feel free to connect with me before hand. I would love to meet anyone who wants to meet up. I’d also like to make a video of our meeting for the YouTube channel. If you are interested, please contact me through the website Contact Us form.

Any appearances in videos must be accompanied by a model release form. I will provide these to anyone who is willing to make a video with me. I look forward to going to the show this year. I hope to get some great videos for you all to learn from and enjoy!

I will also be bringing some Catspit giveaway shirts and stickers to promote the business.

Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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