New Entertainment Video Uploaded To YouTube!

A new video has been uploaded to YouTube this morning. This video is part of our entertainment series which is designed to amuse our current viewers and subscribers while at the same time introducing Catspit Productions to a new audience that may have never stumbled upon us due to video content.

This video features the Catspit aquarium. That’s right, take a look at the community fish tank I use to calm my nerves during stressful times. This is a rather long video for the content but it is great quality so you can go full screen and relax away all your stress while watching the fish do their thing. And there is a very comforting marine like audio track to accompany it. Put this video on full screen at bed time and it will help you fall asleep. Because it is relaxing… not because it is boring!

By uploading entertainment videos of different subject matter, the Catspit Productions channel will enjoy some added exposure from other sectors or niches on YouTube. The point is to attract other viewers and subscribers who are not searching for screen printing related videos.

I hope all of our current subscribers and viewers enjoy these videos as they are a peak into some of my personal interests. Look for more of these periodically in the future.

Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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