Customer Types, Garment Brands and Purchasing Trends

The choice of the tee shirt brand you print on can be an important factor in the satisfaction level of your customers. It is important to know exactly what your customer wants in a tee shirt. Some customers may be purchasing tee shirts for their own company or for a company they work for. They may be used as a promotional give away or they may be for the company’s image and/or corporate identity purposes. Some people are attempting to create a brand of logo wear. It is a must to know this information when suggesting a particular brand or style of garment.

When a customer is purchasing shirts for their own personal business, they can tend to be more discriminating in their choices. This will be true in all aspects of the process. The customer has a much more personal attachment to the project and more invested in the business as an entity. This person is trying to create an identity and cares greatly about what kind of image they are creating. It is important to be patient with this type of customer. It may be their first time purchasing custom printed garments. They might not know about the choices of garments available to them.

Some customers may be buying shirts for a company they work for. Usually this type of client is a bit easier to work with. There may be some standards or guidelines set forth by the company itself but once those criteria are met, this customer will be more relaxed to work with. You should be able to guide this customer through the shirt printing process a lot quicker whether or not though it may be their first time. This customer may be required to request a certain brand of shirt. If not, they too may not understand the scope of garments available to them either.

There are those that will buy custom printed garments for resale as well. People who are creating custom printed garments for a brand of logo wear may be the most difficult of all. These people will push the limits of what you are able to do for them. You will need to have great patience with this person. Be careful not to be pushed into a print job you are not comfortable in doing. This customer most often will have a particular shirt they know they want or at least they will know exactly what style or quality garment they want. This person will often request garments that are difficult to print on.

Once you have determined these factors and you understand the customer’s needs, you will be in a better position to recommend or suggest a particular brand of shirt. As a general rule it is best to sell well-known, high quality garments. Selling a shirt that the customer is familiar with is easier and less wrought with risk. Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, Bella, Jerzees, Outer Banks, Jonathan Corey, and Gildan are well known by many. Your customer should be familiar with these brands.

Be cautious when selling off brand garments made in such places as Pakistan or Afghanistan. I remember a shirt called the Swing Tee made in Afghanistan some years ago. The shirts didn’t look so bad but they often had a tendency to disintegrate when washed for the first time. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertisement for shirt printers. Therefore it is very important to sell high quality merchandise at a reasonable price. Let your product speak for itself.

For the most part, the general public does not understand what goes into printing a custom tee shirt. Choosing the garment brand is part of the process. Most people don’t realize how much work needs to be done in order to produce a quality product that fulfills the needs of the customer and at the same time remains easy to print with high quality results for the printer. Remember, the faster you can print a high quality custom shirt job, the more money you make per hour, thus increasing the profitability of your work.

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