New Video Uploaded & New Video On Deck!

That’s right, not only has there been a new video uploaded this morning but there is a very special video on deck. Today a website promotional video was uploaded. It highlights and points out features on the website. The video also provides information on new features and services offered by Catspit Productions.

On top of that, a new video is on deck. This is a very special video to me because it shows a 1 color print run from start to finish. It includes close ups of printing and shows the finished product. This video was made with 2 cameras simultaneously. This is part of my new efforts to increase the production value of my videos. Making this video also inspired me to do a video on flood and stroke with close up shots so stay tuned for that too!

Sometimes I make videos on a whim so I am trying to avoid that and be more prepared for the video when I make it so that I will have all of the visual aides that I should have to make the video. As I progress forward I hope to increase the production value of the videos while also increasing the educational content as well.

Thanks for reading!

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