New Video Uploaded & New Videos In The Works!

A new video about screen printing mesh preparation has been uploaded to YouTube. This video is an all new expanded look at mesh prep with mesh degreasers, abraders and a pressure washer. This video will cover technical issues with using common household cleansers and dish detergents for your mesh prep.

A new video about flooding and stroking the ink is in the works. This video will look at the common standard of flooding and stroking as opposed to the more ergonomic technique that I personally use. I will explain some of the reasons I use this method.

I am also finally working on a video about screen stretching. This video will demonstrate how you can use a roller frame to stretch and glue two 20×24 manual screens. This will be one of the most complex videos yet. Stay tuned.

Next week a new video showing a short tee shirt print run will be uploaded. This video will simply demonstrate a small one color print run.

Thanks for watching!

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