Screen Printing Information Overload!

There is a lot of information on the internet about screen printing. Some internet information is good. Some information is great and even more is technical in nature. So how do you find a balance of good advice and easy to understand technical information without getting bogged down in all the misinformation that will actually harm your printing endeavors?

The truth probably is that if you are just starting to learn, you will not really be able to discern good information from bogus unless you are uncommonly intelligent or perceptive. That is where learning and experience comes in.

I think the best thing to do is to read and absorb as much as you can and as you get into your research it will become obvious which information is consistently repeated throughout the internet. It’s probably a good idea to start with methods that many people use with great success. Any process that is easily repeatable and produces high quality results is worth knowing.

If you like to watch tutorial videos, be sure to read about what you watch in order to learn about information that is skimmed over or overlooked altogether. I know sometimes when I make my videos; I make mistakes or forget to mention something very important. That’s why the YouTube annotations are so useful. But just remember, videos can be misleading and lie by omission.

It is always a good idea to thoroughly test any advice or technique that you read about on the internet before you implement it into your production run. Be certain you are comfortable with the process before promising things to your customers.

Finally, ask questions. Whenever possible, ask someone for their advice or instructions about the process you are interested in. This can help balance, verify or demystify things you learn on the internet.

Remember; you can always ask questions about screen printing and get detailed answers from Catspit Productions. Just use the contact form on the website. 

Thanks for reading!

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