Selling Shirts On EBay Vs. Your Own Website

I use EBay to sell my Catspit shirts. There are a few reasons why:

– EBay is automated with PayPal and PayPal can process shipping so it makes logistics of processing orders and shipping easy to handle.

– As an EBay seller you have a certain amount of protection against internet fraud. I have never been ripped off.

– Exposure is free with your listing on EBay.

However, EBay has made some recent changes which I believe has reduced my visibility and is resulting in zero sales. Before the revisions on EBay this summer I was selling about several shirts each month just from the exposure on EBay alone. Now I am selling none. I have been thinking of moving my product to my website and accepting payments through PayPal. Shipping would still be part of PayPal. But then I have to rely solely on the traffic on my website. So you can see the dilemma.

Another problem is the charges from EBay and PayPal combined. These fees can make selling on EBay for profit very difficult. That is why I only use one auction site. I do not wish to pay multiple fees for selling on different sites. Not to mention having to manage all of the item listings and ensuring stock for each auction site. Besides, as I said, EBay has the best exposure and popularity.

EBay is very competitive. Do your research by searching EBay for similar shirts that you are looking to sell. I bet you will be amazed at how cheap some shirts are offered for. The cost of shipping is always a negative factor in sales and may affect profit margins. Many EBay sellers offer free shipping even on a $9 shirt.

If you decide to use your own website and accept payments through PayPal, remember your sales will be directly determined by the amount of internet traffic that your website gets. I can tell you from experience; it is not easy to get people to visit your website.

I’ll be honest with you. I do not make any money selling shirts on EBay. It is more for website exposure and content. Google shows EBay listings in search results and by having them featured on my website it give my site more content which Google wants as well. You will need a wicked amount of money for web development and marketing if you want to seriously make money selling printed shirts online. And many online shirt printers offer free shipping.

Selling your custom printed garments locally at the flea market or swap meet will be the most lucrative. The only risk is knowing what to print and bring to sell. You have to know what will sell in order to print it without risk. 

Thanks for reading!

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