Using The Catspit Site Search Function

When you use the Catspit site search function it is always best to search for your information with phrases and individual words as well.

For example if you would like to search outputting film you may search that phrase and it is a good idea to search it these ways too: film output, making film, creating film, film at home and finally just film.

Searching the website this way will give you the best results in finding all of the information related to film on the Catspit website. Follow this same procedure for any information you are looking for.

Thanks for visiting Catspit Productions, LLC!

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4 Responses to Using The Catspit Site Search Function

  1. Fernando Alfonso says:

    I was looking for the Elite 8800,didn;t find it

    Thanks Fernando

    • Hey Fernando, I don’t have it listed on my website because it’s pretty big. We don’t sell those often. I can help you with any information you may need on that. It is available. Just hit me up through the Contact Us form. Thanks for checking out my site!

  2. Emaleigh Williams says:

    I’m looking for the paper you used to transfer your skull logo onto the shirt in the YouTube video but can’t seem to find it… when I search nothing comes up.

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