Happy Labor Day

Yes, happy Labor Day. It was originally intended to be a workers holiday celebration and it is still observed as a Federal holiday when the US Post Office and Government offices are closed. All 50 states have made Labor Day a State holiday.

The first Labor Day in the United States was celebrated on September 5th, 1882. After the violent 1894 Pullman Strike, Labor day was signed into law as a national holiday. The Pullman Strike was a conflict between the labor unions and the railroads at the time. The strike began in Pullman Illinois on May 11th.

Labor Day parades and labor movement education were designed to showcase the strength and prosperity of the trade and labor organizations of America. Today it represents the end of summer and the beginning of the NFL Football season.

So kick back and enjoy a barbeque. Relish in the last few days of summer. Have a great holiday!


Thanks for reading!

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