Screen Printing With Cut Vinyl Stencils

Using computer cut vinyl as the stencil for screen printing is possible but I have never seen this done in person. However, I have seen a video on YouTube where a guy did exactly that and he showed it. The cut vinyl would actually be a negative of the original art.

Strange to me is that he applied the vinyl stencil to the inside of the screen where the squeegee would be sliding against it. I guess that is to keep the ink from acting as a solvent to the vinyl adhesive and then there isn’t any pressure to push it off either. Just some angular pressure sliding across it. It looks like the finer details would be the most delicate and that durability could be a problem. I have to say the design he did had a lot of small inner pieces in a circle and I would have thought those would not stay in place but they did.

It would appear that it would be very important to clean the screen well for the vinyl to adhere best but he seemed to have a vinyl that stuck to the screen very well. He also had to tape off large areas of the screen where the vinyl stencil did not cover outside the design.

I found this video while searching screen printing on YouTube. You can check it out. It is in my favorites list with many other great videos on screen printing that I find when browsing YouTube. Please check out the favorites list when you visit Catspit Productions on

Here is the link to the video I was referring to in this blog; VIDEO.

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