New YouTube Channel Design

YouTube has been promising to change the layouts of the channel pages to a new and “better” layout. The new channel design is just one of many changes that have been happening to YouTube. Some people seem to embrace the change while others try to fight it claiming some sort of investment in the YouTube community.

I understand why Google is making changes to YouTube and everyone has a right to make some money. But the new channel designs seem to be an obvious move to homogenize the ordinary free user. It takes away a lot of the creative control that we currently enjoy with the old channel design. We will even lose the ability to feature any of our videos on our own page. It looks like the videos are reduced to a scrolling list or a full grid. No longer is there an option to choose 9 videos to feature on the channel page.

For businesses especially, this is a drawback. I will no longer be able to have any videos get special attention by being visible when people visit my channel page. Promotional videos as well as one’s that are lagging in views will not be able to be listed on my channel page. To me, that is a great disadvantage.

This whole new channel design reminds me of the New Coke and Classic Coke debate. To me the old design is YouTube. It is classic and fine the way it is. After all YouTube is an internet icon. And as groundbreaking as YouTube has been over the years, it would seem a shame to lose the design we have all come to know and love.

I’d like to see them offer the new channel design as an option. We shall see, YouTube has delayed the full implementation of the channel across the site for some time now. I can only wonder why. 

Thanks for reading!

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