Price Quotes Galore!

As a screen printer during these unpredictable economic times you may find yourself working on a lot of price quotes. This may sound surprising but it’s always the case, even during good times. Why? In the printed garment industry there is often a lot of pricing and talk about printing shirts but not all of those price quotes or discussions will result in an actual print job.

It is very important to entertain every prospective customer. Be friendly and courteous to everyone who calls you asking a question. Offer the potential client as much time and information as you can afford. The bottom line is you will never be able to read someone’s mind and know if they will actually place an order. Besides, it may be your product or services that help the customer make the final decision to do business with you.

If 90% of your prospective clients fail to order each week, that means you are still landing 10% of all potential jobs. Yes, it can be a lot of sales work for you to do but it is worth it. With marketing and sales, it is all about the numbers. The more potential clients you speak with, the more opportunity you have to do business.

And don’t be afraid of small jobs. You never know where any print job will lead. For that matter, you never know where a phone call about printed shirts will go either. So keep on quoting prices.

Thanks for reading!

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