Which Emulsion Do You Prefer?

I am often asked which direct photo emulsion I prefer. There are many good emulsions on the market today and which one you end up using will depend on your personal preferences and your particular application.

Some of the most popular emulsions are made by Kiwo, Autotype, and Saatichem. There are many other brands of emulsions available, some of which are not so well known. Some of these may actually be private labels which means they are manufactured by a chemical plant and labeled for distribution by smaller suppliers with their own brand name. This is typically done to offer a “unique” product. Many have their niche but will never sell as well as the bigger name brands.

Printing tee shirts is not rocket science but having an emulsion that works consistently well and gives you the results you need is an advantage. It is a good idea to experiment with a few emulsions to see which one you will want to use. And remember; screen printing is a technical skill first, then an art.

So… to the point of this little blog. I like Saatichem’s Textil PC Blue. This is the blue emulsion you will see in my videos. If you are interested in purchasing this emulsion in quarts or gallons, please visit:


You can get a 5% discount and free shipping! Thanks for reading!

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