Website Homepage Updated

There are always updates, modifications and improvements being made to the Catspit website. Since the website is entirely built by myself, I am constantly looking for ways to make it more functional and easier to navigate. I am currently researching the possibility of putting a site search engine on each page. That way you can search for the subject matter you want. I am not sure yet if I will be able to do this with the free website service I am using. I’ll keep you posted.

Yesterday the homepage was updated to a more commercial feel. Before the focus was on YouTube. Now the focus of the home page is to easily communicate all of the services offered by Catspit Productions. Not to worry, the website will always be dedicated to educational information on screen printing. But because I am doing commercial printing as well, the website also has to be friendly to my commercial customers.

As Catspit Productions grows and matures, the website will feature and promote more commercial services as well as educational materials for screen printing. And I hope to make the website more interactive and perhaps we can build a community over time.

Thanks to all who watch my videos and visit the website. Please make sure to sign in on the Guestbook page. Leave your thoughts and comments for all to enjoy! 

Thanks for your continued support!

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