Thanksgiving: Smack The Kids And Let’s Get Out Of Here!

I thought I would take the time to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and share with you what the holiday means to me. For each of us, in different parts of the United States, Thanksgiving has its own meaning and regional twist. But for me the holiday lives in my heart and in the memories of past celebrations. And it lives in the anticipation of future one’s.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I think it is the season, smells and the foods that come with it that make it a cozy time for me. I like the fact that for 2 days, Thursday and most often Friday, the entire business community shuts down. Well, except for retail. But for most professional services, wholesale and other non retail sales businesses, it is a time to take a break. For me as a screen printer, these 2 days are always “closed” days. I think that adds to the feel of the holiday for me.

For some reason I like to not only have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with family but it is fun for me to watch old movies on these days off too. My favorite types to watch are old Japanese monster movies like Godzilla, Mothra and others. The original black and white King Kong is a great Turkey Day classic for me too. Yes, the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving are days to stay around the home with family and enjoy good food and mellow home entertainment.

It’s funny because there is one thing I remember about the holidays when I was a kid that stands out. I had an uncle who would visit and when we would go to apple orchards, pumpkin patches or other fall activities, he would always say at some point, “smack the kids and let’s get out of here!” Now I don’t remember him ever doing that because it was his playful way of messing with his nephews. Of which he had many. And yes, I found myself repeating the same thing as my nieces and nephew grew up. I too was being playful and enjoying my brother’s kids.

So have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the times you have with your families. Time is temporary, things change fast and now is the time to live.

 Happy Thanksgiving, be safe and be merry.

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