What Happened To The More… Page?

I did some major surgery to the website last night. When I first started building the website, I really didn’t have any idea on how to set it up or organize all the information. I just started putting things together and created some confusing organizational anomalies. I have been able to go back and reorganize some of these mishaps. Now all of the screen printing articles are in one easily accessible location. No information has been removed; it has simply been moved and relocated. Much more logical and much less confusing now!

What used to be the More… page is now the Wiki History page and the articles that used to be on this page have moved to the Article Archive section of the website. The Printing Methods page has been modified so that there are actually printing methods there now. Instead of a random selection of screenprinting articles, there is a complete description of the reproductive methods used in screen printing. Finally the Ink Mixing page has been updated just slightly in that the majority of the articles have been moved to the Article Archive but there is still some general information about ink mixing along with a list of links to other ink mixing articles on the website.

Please be aware that none of the information or articles have been removed. Instead, they articles and information have been moved to a more logical location. If you are looking for an article that used to be on a particular page, please check the Article Archive page for that article. This is where all of the screen printing articles will reside from here on out.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. In the long run I hope you find this to be a needed and welcomed update to the Catspit Productions website. Thanks for reading!

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