Inkjet Printers & Pressure Washers: What’s The Deal?

As it is easy to guess, I am asked continuously about which products I use and which I recommend for screen printing at home. A few of the common items I am asked about very frequently are inkjet printers, pressure washers and screenprinting books. I have found it difficult to answer each inquiry to my own satisfaction each and every time. And on top of that I felt silly for recommending products and brands for which I would never get credit. These manufacturers or vendors would never know that I was endorsing their products and would never share in the revenues from the business I could possibly be sending them. That’s why we now have a sponsor for screen printing supplies. Of course I don’t mean to try to get rich off of recommending products at all, it’s just nice to know I have a chance of being a part of the sales equation in a way that benefits the website and my visitors at the same time.

Therefore, I have built affiliate pages for inkjet printers and pressure washers as well as screenprinting books. These pages are here first and foremost for educational purposes. I hope that the addition of this information to the Catspit website will be a valuable resource for all visitors. This gives the visitor the benefit of being able to not only see some items for screen printing at home that I suggest, but it also provides an avenue for purchase that gives back to the project. In addition, it gives me a great tool to use when I am asked about these items individually and it makes the information available to everyone. Please remember, these are suggestions, not recommendations.

I really love the bookstore because even with all of the research I have done online accumulating and compiling screen printing information, I have never seen a collection of books like the one I have created. I hope to add more if affiliates will allow but when I first started looking for screen printing books, I found them hard to locate from a simple Google search. After some time looking on specific websites, I found about 34 books that appear to be perfect for the many different aspects of screenprinting at home. Then I was able to find these books available form two online vendors. I don’t think you can find them all in one place except on the Catspit Productions website.

It appears that the Catspit Productions website is the first of its kind to offer information about screen printing all in one place in such complete detail, online 24 hours a day for free. There will certainly be a clone of sorts in the future but remember where it all started and the grass roots effort of one lone screen printer who chose to make this information available to all, free  of charge.

Thanks for visiting the blog and the Catspit Productions website. Learn how to screen print!

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