YouTube’s View Counts

Once again I am the subject of penalization from YouTube’s anti fake view count algorithms. The video How To Screen Print: Self Weeding Heat Transfer Paper has been stuck on 303 view counts for almost 3 days.

I just can’t seem to figure out why this keeps happening to my videos. At some point shortly after they are posted and most often around 200 or so view counts, they get stopped or slowed down to increasing 1 or 2 each day. If I can’t trust the view counts to give me an accurate reading on which videos are more popular, I cant’ make more videos like them.

It is just frustrating to be getting comments and inquires about the video and watch the view counter stay the same for days on end. I like to know people are enjoying them and I want to know which ones are the best and most viewed. But these days, I have no idea what is really happening.

I know there are 2 videos that seem to not be affected, but they too in the beginning had view counter problems. So I can only hope in time, that this resolves itself with each video, each time I upload them. I am getting to the point where I expect this to happen. Maybe if I factor this into my observations of video statistics, I can still get an idea of what is working.

If you watch Catspit Productions videos on YouTube, please leave a comment. This would help let me know people are enjoying them.

Thanks for watching!

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