Catspit Productions’ Super Inkjet Film Positives

Check out the latest addition to the Catspit website. A new Print Supplies page has been added just below the Equipment Sales page in the navigation menu.

This is where you will find screen printing supplies that I have hand chosen for their performance, price, and ease of use. I have personally used the items that are going to be listed on this page. These items will be chosen with the home printer in mind.

The first items listed are Catspit’s Super Inkjet Film Positives. This is the very same inkjet film I use when I create my film in house. I really like this inkjet film and it is the inspiration for creating this section of the website. It is absolutely the best performing inkjet film I have ever seen or used. It works so well without RIP software that it continues to impress people I show it to.

Please visit the website to learn more about all of the screen printing services offered by Catspit Productions. 

Thanks for reading!

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